RBD Coconut Oil Grade A

RBD Coconut Oil has its own characteristics due to the high pressure refining process. This coconut oil product usually looks clearer, has a bland taste and is also odorless.

RBD Coconut Oil comes from Karanganyar, Central Java, for supply capacity can reach approximately 2000 MT per month.

Stages of the RBD Coconut Oil production process:

  1. Refined Section or Acid Conditioning is the process of copra which is completely dry and then heated repeatedly using a special machine. This heating is carried out to precipitate the latex and various metal compounds or impurities that are still contained in the copra.
  2. The next process is the bleaching section. This stage is passed to re-precipitate the remaining dirt in the oil with a bleacher machine. This process is carried out to absorb various impurities or residues that are still contained in the oil, so that the oil that is still concentrated will change color to clear. After that, the oil will then go through a filtration process to remove any remaining fine particles.
  3. After going through the bleaching process, coconut oil will be reprocessed using a deodorizer. Before entering the deodorizer machine, the oil is heated first using high-temperature steam. After being heated, the crude oil flows into the deodorizer to remove the rancid odor and fatty acids that are still contained in the oil.

The quality of RBD Coconut Oil is clearer / whiter than palm oil, odorless, can be used 6 times in a frying pan.

The benefits of RBD Coconut Oil, frying and cooking, in addition to frying RBD Coconut oil can also be used as a mixture of cosmetic ingredients and various types of other additional products. RBD Coconut Oil is also commonly used in the food industry because of its easy to blend taste and odorless aroma. RBD coconut oil is also preferred because it contains medium chain triglyceride fatty acids which are the same as real coconut.

Price : Rp 27.400 / Kg

Minimal Order

20.000 Kg

Production Period

30 Days

Send from

Tanjung Emas, Semarang


  • Certificate of Origin

  • Phytosanitary